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Job evaluation: considerations and risks

Created: 2023-03-24
Author: Acas Publications (2014) Language: English
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Guidance Organisational Management Skills and experience Team Management

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Our training is carried out by experienced Acas staff who work with businesses every day. They will show you the value to your business of following best practice in employment matters and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Page 19* a schematic that breaks job descriptions down into skill, responsibility, working conditions, effort, and asks that each of those be assigned factors/levels. This would help with fair and transparent job banding!

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We take a close look at the key issues you need to address before deciding whether job evaluation is right for your organisation. The booklet also explains how analytical job evaluation works in practice and discusses in more detail the use of factor plans.

How can this resource help?

This booklet focuses on the preparation period before embarking on job evaluation. It aims to help you answer the following questions:
● what is job evaluation?
● why should you consider carrying out job evaluation in your workplace?
● how do you prepare for job evaluation?

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