Self-led organisational development

This website is a free online resource that can help conservation organisations to develop themselves to be stronger, more resilient and able to deliver enduring conservation impacts

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Through the use of tailored questions and results, the organisational assessment helps you to identify the strengths and areas for development within your organisation.

The assessment is split into 12 themes. You can complete the full assessment and answer all of the questions, or you can complete just the themes that are relevant to your organisation.

Ask other members of your organisation to join and complete the assessment to see a combined range of views.



Use our bespoke template to identify development priorities. Once you have identified your priorities, plan how to strengthen your organisation in these areas and identify key indicators in order to evaluate your progress.



Use over 150 resources and case studies focused around key themes of organisational development to help strengthen key components of your organisation and build capacity.



Capacity for Conservation is a growing resource for conservation organisations developed by conservation organisations just like yours. It aims to promote mutual exchange and learning. Use the website to share your organisational development experiences by completing a case study or adding resources that have been beneficial to you.



Every organisation differs in its monitoring needs, and the Capacity for Conservation Indicator List can be adapted for your own capacity development and planning needs. Repeat your organisational assessment once a year to see how your organisation has improved, and identify key indicators to assess your progress.


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Repeat your organisational assessment once a year to see how your organisation has improved and identify key indicators to assess your progress.

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Who we are

Capacity for Conservation is an aid to self-led organisational development. It aims to support you to strengthen your organisation to achieve – and sustain – your conservation and organisational development goals. We believe that building strong conservation organisations is one of the most effective means of making lasting contributions to conservation.

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