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GISF: NGO security collaboration toolbox

This toolbox provides advice and practical resources to support NGOS in facilitating effective security collaboration with other organisations operating in the same context.
Created: 2022-08-25 Language: EN
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Managing Sexual Violence against Aid Workers: prevention, preparedness, response and aftercare

This guide is aimed at anyone with a responsibility for staff care, safety and security, as well as anyone involved in processes aimed at preventing or responding to incidents of sexual violence against staff, such as security focal points, HR staff, project and programmes staff, and first responders to incidents of sexual violence within an aid organisation.
Created: 2022-08-25 Language: EN , FR , ES
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Building adaptive resilience

The information in this resource identifies critical factors that influenced how well organisations were able to adapt. It presents a framework for using this four factors that can be used to build your organisations adaptive resilience.
Created: 2022-08-19 Language: EN
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Mobile App: Atlas - Ready For Business

Although initially designed for small to medium businesses, the Atlas mobile app can be adapted for small to medium conservation organisations that are aware of the need to prepare for crises and are looking for advice on what to actually do.
Created: 2022-08-09 Language: EN , ES
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Oryx Journal paper: What makes conservationists persevere? Resilience strategies at work

Resilience (i.e. positive adaptation to professional challenges) can help individuals thrive in their roles. We interviewed 22 conservationists with professional experience working in low-income countries with high biodiversity and explored what helped and what hindered them in their work. We used thematic analysis to identify factors related to positive and negative psychological states and strategies to promote resilience at work. The results revealed factors that were associated with positive psychological states, including achievements and recognition for work.
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Becoming agile: A guide to building adaptive resilience

Building adaptive resilience in organisations is a long-term process. This booklet outlines the stages in the process, starting with clarifying how resilient your organisation is today, and then moves through a series of activities that foster greater resilience.
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The role of the board of directors in a crisis

For many organisations, the role of their board of directors during crisis response and recovery is not clear. This can introduce uncertainty, slow the response, deepen the crisis and make everyone's job harder. The Board's Role in Crisis is a guide for boards members and managers alike operating in any organisation.
Created: 2022-07-18 Language: EN
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Cover your assets

Insurance is only useful if the policy delivers what you need, when you need it. This short guide will help you select the right policy, learn how to prepare to use it, and make a claim.
Created: 2022-07-15 Language: EN
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Chaos to teamwork: A leaders role in crisis

A short guide to help prepare a crisis leadership team before an event and improve effectiveness during an event
Created: 2022-07-15 Language: EN
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Leading in Disaster Recovery

NZ Red Cross have created this pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had. This is your companion through chaos that will connect you with over 100 other people who have walked in similar shoes.
Created: 2022-07-15 Language: EN