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Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Monitoring is the systematic and on-going tracking of project or programme performance through record keeping, studies and observation. Evaluation is the regular assessment of monitoring data to assess changes (or outcomes) that can be attributed to project or programme delivery.  Impact assessment is the assessment of longer-term (over ten or more years) changes on target species, ecosystems or project sites to which your work has contributed.

Monitoring and evaluation is essential to:

  • Assess progress and effectiveness;
  • Inform decision-making to improve project delivery;
  • Ensure accountability to donors, partners and beneficiaries; and
  • Learn from your work and improve in the future

Good monitoring, evaluation and learning require rigorous project planning, including a monitoring and evaluation plan that measures effort (outputs), effectiveness (outcomes) and change (impacts). It also requires adequate systems for the recording, storage and evaluation of data.


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Case studies

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