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Writing for Conservation Guide

Created: 2022-07-27
Author: Martin Fisher, Fauna & Flora International Language: English
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Who would find this resource useful?
Conservation practitioners, researchers, and students reporting on research findings and the outcomes of conservation interventions.

An organisation would use this resource when…
… writing a blog, report, book or article for a peer-reviewed journal; to communicate your ideas and findings in a way that is both informative and interesting.

How can this resource help?
This guide strives to support you in this endeavour by providing guidance, both general and specific, to help you tell your story in the structured manner and style required for scientific communication—to help you fulfil your communication aspirations. Amongst the excellent reasons for communicating your ideas, research findings and the outcomes of your conservation endeavours there are:

  • Communicating your research, findings and interpretation
  • Contributing to scholarship and the body of scientific literature
  • Fulfilling the conditions of funding
  • Helping to secure further funding
  • Sharing your knowledge and ideas
  • Supporting your professional development

and this guide aims to provide you with support, help and encouragement along the way.

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