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What does organisational change look like in practice?

Created: 2022-12-19
Author: Thiri Dae We Aung, Janete Agues, Raquel Amador, Rocio Moreno and Nancy Ogonje Language: English
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Organisational Resilience Festival Resilience

Recorded as part of the 2022 Organisational Development Festival, this session features 3 case studies on how organisational development has worked in practice.

Thiri Dae We Aung, Executive Director of Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) presents on the experiences of leadership transition within her organization [Starts 4 minutes 39 seconds]

Nancy Ogonje, Executive Director of The East African Wildlife Society, presents how her organisation used decision making to minimise the financial impact of Covid 19 [Starts 18 mins 53 seconds]

Janete Agues, Raquel Amador & Rocio Moreno from Maio Biodiversity Foundation take us through the evolution of their organisation and the various challenges they have encountered, including challenges linked to governance [Starts 33 minutes 55 seconds].


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