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The RAPID Decision-Making Tool for Nonprofits

Created: 2022-01-28
Author: The Bridgespan Group Language: English
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The RAPID® tool for decision making

Who would find this resource useful?

Any non-profit organisation wanting to create a clear, inclusive decision-making process for any type of situation, team, size of organisation.

How can this resource help?

RAPID® is a way to assign roles in a decision process. It helps clarify who provides input to a decision, who shapes the decision and ultimately decides on it, and who carries out the decision once it is made.

An organisation might use this resource to….

…when making decisions for the team or organisation that involve more than one person, to answer critical questions:

  • What are we deciding? Is it one decision, or multiple smaller decisions?
  • Who should be involved and what role should they play?
  • How will we make the decision? What process will we use, what criteria will help us decide among options, and how will we communicate and follow through?
  • When does the decision need to get made?


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