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The ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC) Technique

Created: 2014-10-07
Author: Rick Davies, Jess Dart Language: English
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Who would find this resource useful?

This guide is aimed at organisations, community groups, students and academics. The Most Significant Change (MSC) technique is applicable in many different sectors, including agriculture, education and development programs. It is also applicable to many different cultural contexts.


An organisation might use this resource when….

Interested in using the MSC technique to help monitor and evaluate your social change programs and projects, or to learn more about how it can be used.


How can this resource help?

This resource provides:

  • A quick overview of MSC
  • Details on the practicalities of implementing MSC and divide the process into ten steps
  • Guidance on practical troubleshooting
  • Guidance on building capacity for effective use of MSC
  • Guidance on how MSC fits into the program cycle and how it can contribute to program improvement
  • The theory behind MSC

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