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Oryx Journal: Capacity for Conservation articles

Created: 2022-09-30
Author: Volume 56 - Issue 5 - September 2022 Language: English
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Capacity for Conservation Volume 56 - Issue 5 - September 2022

Who would find this resource useful? 

Conservation practitioners, conservation leaders wishing to learn more about strengthening their organisation and staff capacity, and the impact this can have for conservation effectiveness.

How can this resource help?

The capacity for conservation theme in this issue of Oryx is the principal output from the 2019 Capacity Building for Conservation Conference in London, UK.

This collection of papers acknowledges the challenges to build sufficient conservation capacity to deliver effective, timely nature protection at the scale needed.  Each article however, demonstrates a clear understanding of the task ahead and provides evidence to support many of the approaches being taken to tackle these challenges.

Article titles:

  • How should conservation be professionalized?
  • A framework for conceptualizing leadership in conservation
  • A systems framework for planning and evaluating capacity development in conservation: recommendations for practitioners
  • What makes conservationists persevere? Resilience strategies at work
  • Professional development in conservation: an effectiveness framework
  • Beyond skills and knowledge: the role of self-efficacy and peer networks in building capacity for species conservation planning
  • Evaluating the impact of the first 10 years of the Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership
  • Using a theory of change to evaluate the impact of a conservation training programme: a practitioner’s perspective
  • The state of capacity development evaluation in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management
  • Donor perspectives on strengthening capacity development for conservation
  • Capacity and leadership development for wildlife conservation in sub-Saharan Africa: assessment of a programme linking training and mentorship
  • Assessing national-level provision of conservation capacity building: lessons learnt from a case study of Kenya
  • Strengthening capacity for species conservation in South-east Asia: a provisional assessment of needs and opportunities for the Asian Species Action Partnership
  • Capacity development challenges and solutions for Natura 2000: an approach through blended learning

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