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Organisational Resilience Check

Organisational Resilience Check template

This resource is the offline version of the Organisational Resilience Check assessment on this website.

Who would find this resource useful:

If your internet connection is not strong or you work best offline, then downloading the template here may be easier than working through the online version here.

An organisation would use this resource to…

consider the different areas, identify strengths and areas to develop. The assessment is split into 12 themes. You can complete the full assessment and answer all of the questions, or you can complete just the sections that are relevant to your organisation. 

How can this resource help

The results from this self-assessment will give a baseline of the institutional capacity of your organisation. From that baseline, you should then complete an organisational strengthening plan, to prioritise areas for strengthening and plan out specifically how strengthen them. If the self-assessment is repeated every year then trends in capacity development can be seen.

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