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NGOs and risk: How international humanitarian actors manage uncertainty

Created: 2022-10-18
Author: Abby Stoddard; Katherine Haver; Monica Czwarno - Humanitarian Outcomes Language: English
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Risk Risk Assessment Risk management

Who would find this resource useful?
Any NGO wishing to deepen their understanding of methods used to manage risk.

An organisation would use this resource when…
…wanting to strengthen and improve risk strategies already embedded within their organisation.

How can this resource help?
Although this report uses information taken from humanitarian INGOs this information could be useful to any NGO wishing to learn more about how to ensure that they cover all areas of risk that could affect their organisation; not only on the traditional areas of security and safety, but also fiduciary, legal, reputational, operational, and information risks.

INGOs are responding to new and intensified risks they perceive and the methods they employ could be useful to other NGOs.

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