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Mobile App: Atlas – Ready For Business

Created: 2022-08-09
Author: Language: English , Spanish
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Crisis Operational Plan Resilience

Atlas: Ready for Business is a scalable mobile application

Who would find this resource useful?
Although initially designed for small to medium businesses, the Atlas mobile app can be adapted for small to medium conservation organisations that are aware of the need to prepare for crises and are looking for advice on what to actually do.

An organisation would use this resource when…
…to create a personalised crisis and recovery plan in the event of a disaster. This plan can then be shared with with staff, partners and stakeholders and help your organisation build resilience.

How can this resource help?
The crisis and recovery plan is readily accessible on the users’ mobile device when disaster strikes and can help businesses understand the necessary steps to recover quickly, at a time when clear thinking can be difficult.

Atlas has four levels of content across five subject areas:

Operational Readiness
Leadership and Culture
Networks and Relationships
Change Readiness
People at Work

The content enables organisations to learn, practice and improve these areas which are proven to impact on disaster resilience.

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