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Institutional Fundraising for Conservation Projects

Created: 2012-12-11
Author: Maaike Manten & Caroline Pridham Language: English , Spanish
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Who would find this resource useful?

This step-by-step guide is designed to improve your success rate at institutional fundraising, by showing you how to plan high-quality projects, how to translate them into excellent funding proposals, how to develop constructive enduring donor relationships, and how to draft short- and long-term fundraising plans and strategies. The manual provides a mixture of theoretical tools, practical examples and insightful tips based on years of fundraising experience.

An organisation might use this resource….

  • When thinking about Project Development, Proposal Writing, Donor Relations and Fundraising Strategies.
  • When wanting to learn more about fundraising from ‘institutional donors’ which is fundraising terminology for trusts and foundations, bilateral agencies (national government funding schemes) and multilateral agencies (funding schemes by multiple countries working together, like the regional development banks).

How can this resource help?

It is a clear but detailed and conservation-specific guide to fundraising, and a source of useful templates to support project development, proposal writing, donor relationship management and development of fundraising strategies.

English version.

Spanish, Castilian version.

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