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Developing a Finance Strategy

Created: 2014-10-08
Author: Oluwakorede Asuni Language: English
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Finance Strategy Financial Sustainability Stakeholder Analysis Unrestricted Funds

Who would find this resource useful?

This toolkit is aimed specifically at people who have not thought through a financial strategy before. Perhaps you have not been involved in running an organisation before. Or perhaps your organisation has managed without a strategy but now you realise that, to survive, you need a strategy. Where once it was enough to have a few loyal donors, now the funding field has become more complex. Donors increasingly expect organisations to look at alternative ways of generating finance. If you are in a situation like this, then this toolkit will be useful for you.


An organisation might use this resource when….

This toolkit will be useful when:

  • You have done the strategic planning for your organisation, as well as planned your annual workplan and budgeting
  • You want to show donors that you are moving towards financial sustainability and a degree of financial independence
  • Donors ask you what your financing strategy is
  • You want to ensure that your organisation will survive in the long-term


How can this resource help?

The toolkit will help you to develop a process for ensuring the financial sustainability of your organisation.

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