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Communicating for Conservation: A communication toolkit for Caribbean civil society organisations working in biodiversity conservation

Created: 2012-12-11
Author: Celeste Chariandy Language: English
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Behaviour Change Communications Plan

Who would find this resource useful?

The toolkit is primarily designed for civil society organisations working in Caribbean.

An organisation might use this resource when….

Developing a strategic approach to building the critical knowledge, attitudes and behaviours among the public and policy makers

How can this resource help?

This toolbox:

  • gives an overview of communication on biodiversity conservation and things you should keep in mind when communicating.
  • looks at the value of biodiversity in the Caribbean and why biodiversity conservation is important to this region. It emphasises key areas of concern including policy that requires action.
  • will guide you to understand how to get started in developing a communication plan on biodiversity conservation.
  • describes how to fit into the agenda of critical audiences.
  • presents a range of tools that you can use when communicating with different types of audiences
  • provides guidance on how you can evaluate your communication plan.

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