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Charity Governance Code

Created: 2022-07-04
Author: Charity Governance Code Steering Group: AVECO, Association of Chairs, ICSA, NVCO, WCVA, Small Charities Coalition Language: English , cy
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Accountability Board Management Governance

Who would find this resource useful?
This Code is intended for use by charities registered in England and Wales. Much of it will also apply to other not-for-profit organisations that deliver a public or community benefit and those with a social purpose. Organisations or subsectors may find it helpful to adapt the Code to reflect their context

An organisation might use this resource when…

…looking to improve their standards of governance. The Code is not a legal or regulatory requirement. It draws upon, but is fundamentally different to, the Charity Commission’s guidance. Instead, the Code sets the principles and recommended practice for good governance and is deliberately aspirational: some elements of the Code will be a stretch for many charities to achieve.

How can this resource help?
This Code is designed as a tool to support continuous improvement. Charity boards that are using this Code effectively will regularly revisit and reflect on the Code’s principles.

Compliance with the law is an integral part of good governance. This Code does not attempt to set out all the legal requirements that apply to charities and charity trustees, but it is based on a foundation of trustees’ basic legal and regulatory responsibilities. The seven Code principles build on the assumption that charities are already meeting this foundation.

The Code sets out principles and recommended practice. See the Code’s useful resources and links section on the Code’s website for more detailed guidance on how to meet the Code.

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