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BirdLife Project Toolkit

Created: 2022-07-15
Author: BirdLife International: Iain Dickenson and Lenke Balint Language: English
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Project Management Project Planning

Plan, implement, evaluate and communicate conservation projects.

Who would find this resource useful?

Birdlife partners and other conservation NGOs

An organisation would use this resource when..

…planning, implementing and communicating conservation projects.

How can this resource help?

This toolkit aims to help project teams deal with and manage the complexity of conservation challenges. Providing a set of flexible methods and tools to identify solutions to conservation problems and implement these in way that will maximise impact, collaboration and learning.

Although the BirdLife Project Toolkit is presented as a cycle of sequential steps, it is not intended to act as a rigid framework that every project will use in the same way. Instead, this toolkit forms a collection of useful guidance, methods and information that BirdLife Partners and other conservation NGOs can use and modify according to their specific needs and requirements.

English version.

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