Holématthi Nature Foundation

Holématthi Nature Foundation (HNF), is led by conservation scientists and researchers with decades of cumulative experience in wildlife conservation. HNF focuses on the rich biodiversity heritage of south India, working in close association with the government and forest officials, forest-edge dwelling communities, leaders and public figures. Our conservation approach is an amalgamation of scientific research, provision of alternatives and outreach efforts for the larger community. Our research is used to improve the understanding of threats to critical wildlife corridors and species population among policy makers within the government, and secure contiguous habitats for large mammals such as tigers, elephants and wild dogs. We collaborate with local communities to help them reduce their dependency on forest resources, mitigate human-wildlife conflict situations and other conservation issues. We conceptualise and implement conservation education programmes that address conservation challenges pertinent to the region, to create awareness and imbibe cultural acceptance of wildlife species, amongst the local communities.