Fundacio Catalunya- La Pedrera

We work for a better, fair and sustainable future. We develop programs in five areas: 1) social welfare and bringing opportunities to people, 2) foster education & research, 3) natural heritage protection and environmental education,  4) promotion of culture and cultural heritage protection, and 5) nutrition and healthy food. Regarding Natural Heritage protection and environmental education we own and manage a pioneering network of privately protected areas (PPAs) in the region of Catalonia, being the largest private landowner, of more than 8000 ha and 27 sites, plus additional lands under Land-stewardship agreements. We developed restoration projects (mainly in wetlands and forests) as well as biodiversity conservation and re-introduction of wild species (e.g., Black Vulture, White Stork, Otter, European Pond Turtle, etc). Our sites are visited by about 400.000 people/year and we offer environmental education activities in our main education and interpretative centres at the Pyrenees and Ebro delta for students, families and interested people (c.40.000/year). We are active members of environmental networks like IUCN, Eurosite/ELCN, ILCN, INTO or the Catalan XCN.