Greenhood Nepal

Greenhood Nepal is a science-driven, non-profit conservation organisation focused on the human dimensions of nature conservation. Our mission is to conserve threatened wildlife and habitats in ways that respect local communities, embrace science-led action, and empower others to safeguard nature. Our work includes applied research, public education, policy engagement, capacity-building and civic action. We seek to empower people from across Nepal–with knowledge, opportunities and research–to respond to emerging conservation challenges and better protect and manage our natural resources. We have a particular interest in applied research that generates, pilots and uses novel research to inform better conservation practices.  We are also committed to models of community-based conservation that balance the needs of human and natural communities. Many of our projects focus on Nepal’s most threatened species, including rhino, tiger, red panda, pangolin, turtle, and endangered flora like yews and orchids. Greenhood Nepal was established in 2012 by a group of undergraduate students, building on the success of their advocacy efforts to reduce rhino poaching in Nepal.