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Explore a broad selection of e-learning courses and online training webinars, all of which are entièrement gratuits. Ces ressources sont toutes en anglais.

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Personal Development:

(c) Alfredo Gotine/ Fauna & Flora

  • Work/Life Balance and Wellbeing: This course helps you prioritise self-care, reducing stress and improving your personal wellbeing, an often-overlooked aspect in conservation.
  • Unconscious Bias: Understand and mitigate unconscious biases that affect your work, whether it’s related to gender, age, race, or other factors.
  • Receiving and Seeking Feedback: Discover how to build a positive relationship with feedback, understand its significance, and overcome any apprehensions.
  • Learning from Failure: Understand the importance of learning from failure and improve your team culture in recognizing and exploring failure.
  • Persuading People: Gain the power of persuasion to influence donors, government officials, and other key stakeholders to support conservation initiatives.

Team and Leadership:

(c) Chloe Hodgkinson/Fauna & Flora

  • Team Development: Explore how teams evolve using Tuckman’s model, and learn techniques to advance your team’s growth. (NEW! မြန်မာ, Español, Português)
  • The Power of Support Networks: Learn the value of personal networks and how they can aid your development as a conservation leader.
  • Managing Change: Explore your responses to change and develop strategies to lead your team effectively through transitions using Lewin’s change management model.(Español)
  • Conflict Resolution: Develop conflict resolution strategies, understand sources of conflict, and learn principled negotiation.
  • Motivating People: Discover strategies for motivating and energizing individuals in a conservation setting, even amidst its unique challenges.
  • Giving Effective Feedback: Master the art of giving feedback with the CEDAR model, which provides a structured approach to constructive communication.
  • Active Listening: Improve your listening skills and understand how active listening can enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Project Management:

(c) Zafer Kizilkaya